• Long time, no update.

    It is now May 2014.

    It has been a while since I graduated and a lot has happened.

    I now work for a fantastic company - nakedwines.com, and feel happy and comfortable there, with time to make artwork (when my motivation lets me) and to wear a smile everyday.

    I have got more into painting now than ever before, I have no idea why or how. It just happened. I would love to get back into sculpture but money is tight, space is tighter and it is just not fathomable at the moment.

    I am still obsessed and in love with books, one of the reasons space is so tight in my room, I just wish I could have my own library to delve into and live other lives with illustrations in between.

    I need to work harder, be more motivated and get more in control of my mental health at the moment, but I know I will win. I always do.

    Lizi Magpie.

  • Dissertation.

    Updates have been slow as I am currently head first in my dissertation writing, ouch. New work and more updates soon!

    Lizi x

  • Brand Spanking New Website!

    Welcome to my new website/portfolio!

    Here I will be adding photos of my latest artwork, and some older things too, as I finish my Fine Art Degree at Norwich University College of the Arts!

    Hope you enjoy!

    Lizi. x